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Open Access Publishing

Open access is the modern way of modern publishing that makes knowledge accessible for anyone without charging any fee. Open access allows the reader to access the information published online, copy, distribute in a useful manner provided, the source is properly credited as per the creative commons attribution license.

Open access publishing has turned the phase of publishing and exposed the science to everyone to access it freely without any fees. From nearly a decade since the open access movement, there is increased awareness upon open access and it replaced almost all the conventional modes of publishing. Many Universities, Institutes and Government organizations started supporting open access via funding encouraging both the researchers and the publishers.

Cresco initiated the open access publishing in the context of joining our voice for open access and to make research available to all via open access. We promise to offer research in its best way with international standards in a subscription free and eco-friendly manner as digital publishing ensures the same. We are here to set the open access digital publishing into new standards in innovative way.